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bocadelinferno's Journal

Bocca Del Inferno
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**Disclaimer** The characters belong to The WB/UPN/Joss Whedon/FOX ... We do not represent the opinions of the actors, directors, writers or anyone else affiliated with Buffy or Angel. We are merely fans with time on our hands. Most of us love to write and we express our love for the shows and Characters by playing this Role Play game**

This game begins roughly two years post season seven; the main emphasis will be battling the Bocca del inferno in London. The location(s) will not be located only in England but will also pull from the rich mythology of Europe.

Out of Character Community Journal - rippers_place. This is the forum for plot discussion, concerns or any other information you would like to share with the community. Guidelines for play and application may be found here.

To Apply: Go to the OCC community journal profile page and read the inforamtion.

Resources, and all Boca mythologies are located in the moderator community. boca_mods
The Plot / The Lindenbrook Estate / Slayer Lore in the Bocca Universe
The Beginnings End / Between then and Now / The Gaurdian
Lycan Vs. Werewolf / Misc. / FAQ


The Story Tellers
Narrator - the__narrator
PowersThatBe - thepowersthatbe

The Watchers
Rupert Giles -
Wesley Wyndham Pryce - _wes_pryce_
**Dian Ramsey - 2ndnobletruth
**Cassie Robson - cassie_robson
**Tyler Soborn - tyler_soborn

The More Than Humans
Cordelia Chase -
Gwen - shockingly_gwen
Lilliana Frost - lillianafrost
Darren Roode unseenheart

The Slayers (& former)
Faith Lehane- slayergal_faith
Buffy Summers - superhero_grrl
Kennedy Bradford -

Angel/Angelus - mr_angel
Spike - got_the_spark
Drusilla - ripe_wickedplum
Ambrose - ambrose_delano

The Witches
Willow Rosenberg - _willow_magic
Jenny Calendar - techno_pagan
**Clay Kalderash - abandonedgypsy
**Braelyn Parker - braelyn_parker
** Guaril Avarice - king_romany

The Humans
Winifred Burkle - quietkindocrazy
Dawn Summers - roundthedawn
Riley Finn - lindsey_452
**Caitlen Christienson - innocentpower

Wolfram & Hart
None playing at this time

**Ashima - ashima

The Damn Evil Ones
**The Guardian - pravus_tutela

**Laurel - lycan_laurel
**Hayden Alexander -waslocked_up

Hybrids and Werewolves
Lindsey McDonald - lindsey_452
**Helena King - helenaking
**Tristan Chase - iam_undying

The Junior Slayers
**Lexa - crueltosurvive
**Corinna - corinna
**Devon Wyatt - never_comeback
**Angelina Christienson - wannabe_slayer
**E.B. - ebtoyou

Recurring Characters
**McKayla Hunter - fiery_hunter
**Blaise Gordon - blaisin_inferno
**Kylie Winters - wailingdreams
**Halo Reynolds - stained_halo
**Cassandra Hanso - cassandra_h
**Mala Kalderash - as_anillusion
**Nicole Pierce - icant_saveme

** - Denotes an Original Character

If you want to play an additional character and don't like the choices left and/or you need a quick way to get information about a character: