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Bocca Del Inferno

Two against one...

Bocca Del Inferno

Bocca Del Inferno, the mouth of hell. An online interactive roleplaying community.

Mature Subject Matter.

Two against one...

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I wont deny my initial shock when Cait came to me for help with her sister. I also wont deny that I damn near chocked to death when Cait asked that Angelina be tied up, beaten and decorated with a shock collar that would go off every time she even tried to step foot in the training room door. Not that I didn't understand Cait's frustration and desperate need to get her sister back (safe, sound and sane) but I very much doubted that adding more violence to the young slayers life would help much. She, Cait, had been joking of course, or at least I bloody well hope so, and had finally settled on accompanying me to Giles' office and ask for his help instead. Mr. Giles had been the last resort of decisions due to the fact Cait was down right convinced he would send them away if he knew something was wrong with Angelina. But, after entertaining the idea of a therapist (and not the idea of a shock collar) we both realized this matter was not something we could handle on our own and Giles was definitely the next course of action.

All that had happened only minutes ago, though it seemed like ages since Cait had first stepped foot into my office. After our first meeting I was almost certain neither of the girls would want anything to do with me, let alone find it in themselves to come to me for help. Needless to say, I was flattered...and bit on the excited side. I had yet to be assigned my slayer (or slayers as it may possibly be due to a shortage in watchers) and I just knew if I could help Angelina, maybe even create some sort of bond with her, there was no way Giles could say no to the match up, could he? Of course he could, but would he was the real question. I liked Cait and I had no doubt under that hard exterior of Angelina's there was a girl I could grow close to without the least bit of trouble. As I thought about it my mind drifted back to the picture Cait had showed me and I nodded to myself. Yes, definitely a girl I could learn to get along with. I was itching for my own slayer and the future match would just make sense.

There came a moment of utter dismay when we had found Giles' office to be empty. No doubt he had retired to his personal chambers for the night. Which is exactly where he should be I thought, remembering the condition of his health on their last meeting. That is to say, a quick greeting in each others direction as we passed in the halls. I had become so preoccupied with Cait and Angelina I had completely forgotten, or over looked more likely, the things that had been going on around here on a day to day basis; including Giles' cold.

"Not to worry. I'm sure Mr. Giles has just relocated to some where a bit more comfortable. Come, I'm sure he wouldn't mind the company."

I wasn't exactly sure that was true but then again it wasn't me I was trying to convince. I myself require complete and total silence when I am in the process of nursing myself back to health, but there were some who could go on with business as planned without skipping a beat. My hope was that Mr. Giles was one of these later people. Without thinking I began to lead Cait in the opposite direction from which we had come and rounded the first corner without so much as a glance to see if the hall was clear.

It wasn't.

"Angelina...your here." I cleared my throat. "That is to say...Hello, how are you?"

Running smack dab into the girl we were, in some ways, betraying had definitely not been in my plans. In fact, staying as far away from her as possible for the next few days had been more my plan. But, as most plans do...it failed and now here I was in a very awkward situation.

I glanced over at Caith nervously, both of us knowing that if she wanted to, Angelina could turn us into a bleeding sticky paste at any time she pleased. We were going to have to tread lightly...very lightly. And by lightly I mean, letting Cait make the first move with Angelina rather then myself, of course.

[[Open to Cait and Angie]]
  • I just wanted some time alone, sleep wasn't helping any and the training room was being used right now so I was going to go for a walk. That is until I ran into the watcher and Cait. Part of me wanted to apologize to the watcher for how I acted, but then seeing her with my sister told me that they were talking about me and that just pissed me off so any thoughts of apologizing went out the window.

    "What's going on here?" I ask suspiciously as I glare at Cait then the watcher. "Is it intervention time?" I added with a slight snarl. "If so save your time, I don't need one."
    • "Angie.." I said softly "I am just worried, so I was talking to Cassie and she suggested we talk to you." Ok so I left out the part about Giles and honestly that was for the better.

      "You should be glad too, cause my idea was to have them tie you down and knock some sense in you then put a shock collar on you so you couldn't enter the training room so honestly, you should thank Cassie, she talked me out of that." Now I was just doing the nervous rambelling thing and thats just annoying.

      "And yes, you do need an intervention, an exorcism, something to get you out of this funk you are in....you are not the Angie I remember and that scares me."
      • This was turing into a right bloody good mess now wasn't it? Cait and I had not yet had a chance to speak with Giles about Angelina's present situation and now, Angelina was standing in front of us, not the least bit clueless as to what we were up to. Or, at the very least, not clueless to what we had been discussing, which of course had been her. She practically snarled as she spoke to us. I very much doubted this would end well but it was already to late to turn tail and run the other direction. Besides, I was a watcher. If I ran every time an impossible situation arose then what sort of watcher was I going to be?

        "And yes, you do need an intervention, an exorcism, something to get you out of this funk you are in....you are not the Angie I remember and that scares me."

        "I wouldn't exactly call it an intervention." I said in the calmest voice I could muster up. I needed her to know I couldn't be intimidated by her or else nothing I said would reach her. "More like a, group sharing. The three of us being the group of course."

        Group sharing? What was this, grade school? Group sharing, that sounded so ridiculous but it was the only thing that came to mind. And, it would be a group sharing of sorts. Angelina most certainly had some emotional scares that just wouldn't stop causing her pain, perhaps Cait and I could help with that. At least, I hoped we could. If she was ever to be the slayer she was meant to be she would have to learn how to control her emotional baggage. Not right away of course, it's not like we wanted her to be robotic, but with time and healing as most people do.

        "We're, Cait and I, are just worried about you is all, and we want to help."
        • "What am I five? I don't do group sharing or whatever and I don't need your help either." I bite back. I don't care if they are right or if they are wrong, all I know is that I don't want help from someone who works for the very council that treated Robert like trash.

          "As for you Cait, you are my sister and you go to her? You say that I am different, well hell yes I am different, comes with all I have seen and had happen in the last year forgive me if I am not all puppy dogs and carousels and dancing in the streets." I say almost as angry as I could ever be. "The fact that you chose to go to one of them...well its wrong and you are lucky I haven...." I was about to say more when Cait slapped me directly across the face.

          My hand rose to my cheek, my mouth wide open in shock and horror, my sister just slapped me. "You little bitch" I shout as I try to rush her. I was going to beat her into next week if I had to.
          • "You are acting like you are five" I mutter as I listen to her go on and on and all but spit at Cassie. I couldn't take it anymore. She was pissing me off and before I could stop myself I slapped her. I didn't think before I did this, I was lost in the anger of her treating Cassie so horribly.

            "You know if you would shut up long enough to get to know Cassie you might see she is nothing like the old Council and she is not one of the ones that hurt Robert...but that would require you to actually shut up for once." I had just enough time as she stood there shocked to say what I had to say before she pummeled me. I knew it was coming, I had no doubts that she would be so pissed she would kill me.

            I was about to say something else when she lunged at me calling me a bitch. Ok So what if I was, that doesn't negate the fact that she is going off the deep end and isn't the sister I once knew. Luckily though she was slower than usual, something to do with whatever is wrong with her and I was able to dodge her and she ran smack dab into the wall. I couldn't help it, I giggled. "Sorry..." I said as I turned to look at Cassie.
            • Good lord. The sound of Caits hand across Angelinas face startled me. I had been so wrapped up in Angie's anger, so wrapped up in my own self consciousness that I had completely forgotten Cait was even standing there. The fact that she had come to my defense was the very last thing I expected. It was welcome of course, just unexpected.

              "You know if you would shut up long enough to get to know Cassie you might see she is nothing like the old Council and she is not one of the ones that hurt Robert...but that would require you to actually shut up for once."

              You could almost see the fury from Caits words rise up into Angelinas eyes and across her already flush cheeks. She was going to attack her, I just knew it, and what could I possibly do to stop it? Angelina was much stronger then the both of us put together. And quicker, she was that too. But, I couldn't allow her to hurt Cait.

              I took a step forward just as Angelina started to move.

              Cait giggled, "Sorry..."

              I wasn't quite sure what had just happened here. Angelina had sprung like a wild cat, just as I had expected her to do, only she missed. Missed and came to a painful halt against the wall. I did a little head shake and looked at Angelina, bewildered. Not that it wasn't possible for Cait to have dodged her sister but the odds had been against her in such a small space, yet some how she had. Some how she had avoided Angelinas first attempt to unleash her wrath upon her. The second could only be worse...

              "Angelina please, I'm not here to hurt you. All I want to do is help."
              • "Back off watcher" I spit back to her as I rushed my sister again and missed her yet again. This isn't right, no one can dodge me, especially my sister. "What have you done to me? Why can't I get her?" I ask "Is this why you all wanted me here so bad? So you could drug me, torture me and my sister?" I know I was being irrational, but I couldn't help it.

                Mostly I was just scared and I didn't want to admit that they may be right, I do need help, and most of all, I just longed for Robert and things to be the way they used to be.

                Finally I just melt to the floor, it isn't like I was going to do any real damage to my sister. "Just tell me what is happening." I say finally as I look up at Cassie and my sister.
                • Once she finally calmed down I knelt beside Angie, my hand on her shoulder and I myself was near tears. "Angie.." I say softly "They haven't done anything to you, you haven't allowed them to." I take a deep breath and look to Cassie a moment then back to Angie. "But if you let them...they can help you. You know I can tell when someone is lying, well guess what, she isn't lying...no offense to her, but she isn't good enough to keep it from me if she wanted to, so please for the love of all that is unholy and holy, trust her and let her help you."

                  I know I was pleading, but I didn't know what else to do and I was scared for Angie, for what she was going to do if this got any worse. "I think Cassie would agree with me, your health is tied to your emotions...and since you have been here you have been an emotional wreck. I think you just need some rest, some good food, and maybe a day off of training. Maybe we could go shopping, or you know, whatever. I promise I won't slap you again.." I add the last part with a smile trying to cheer her up, more than anything I just wanted my happy sister back.
                  • Do to her? What on earth....

                    Her strength and speed were weak, this was painfully clear, but we hadn't done anything to her. Not that I was aware of at least. I should hope that Mr. Giles hadn't done anything to her either.

                    I was on the verge of tears when suddenly she just seemed to give up. She slumped to the floor looking hurt and defeated. This was not the way a slayer should look, not after something so small as a confrontation from a watcher and her sister.

                    Cait knelt down beside her for comfort. Cait's words passed through me like air. I knew I wasn't immune to the empathy and it didn't matter. It was actually a plus in this situation and I was grateful.

                    "I think Cassie would agree with me, your health is tied to your emotions...and since you have been here you have been an emotional wreck. I think you just need some rest, some good food, and maybe a day off of training. Maybe we could go shopping, or you know, whatever. I promise I won't slap you again.."

                    "Indeed, I agree." I said, also kneeling down beside them. "I'm afraid all the hurt and aggression your trying so desperately to keep inside had began to take its toll on you. Please, let me help you as best I can."
                    • "And where were you when I called for help after he was murdered? Where were you when the council turned its back on us because he dared to love me? Where were you then?" I asked as I looked up at her broken, sobbing, and at the same time just wanting to die so I can be with him.

                      I take a deep breath and look into her eyes "Why couldn't you all be bothered to help then? You think that I came here to help you? No, I came here to use the council the way they used me. Once I am sure I am ready I am going to go back and kill the bastard that took everything that mattered to me." It may be a last ditch effort to keep her at a distance. I couldn't keep Caitlen there, she knows everything when it comes to what I am feeling and what I need.

                      "Just let me do what I have to do and you will be rid of me soon enough."
                      • "And when will it be enough?" I ask visibly upset as she talked of killing David. There was no way that she would survive that, he was well connected and he would find a way to kill her. "When you are dead? When I have finally lost everyone that I have loved? When you are buried next to Robert?" Now I was crying and nearly sick and out of ideas.

                        "I can't lose you too" I finally say as I grab her shirt and shake her. Realizing what I was doing I let go and back away.

                        "My idea of a shock collar looking better now?" I ask Cassie. Only something drastic was going to change Angelina's mind, and so far we haven't found that drastic measure.
                        • I was at a loss for words. There was absolutely no sense in telling her that I had only recently taken my place as watcher and that there was no way I could have known what had been happening to her and her family. If I had, surely I would have done something....wouldn't I? It was difficult to say and foolish to waste time thinking about it. It was done and there was nothing I could do to change it for them now, even if I wanted to.

                          "Just let me do what I have to do and you will be rid of me soon enough."

                          "And when will it be enough? When you are dead? When I have finally lost everyone that I have loved? When you are buried next to Robert?"

                          I couldn't hold back the tears as I watched the two of them. God help me I had no idea why I cared so much for them but I did and their pain was so deep that I couldn't help but want to rid them of it. I wanted to take it away even if it meant baring it myself just so they could find some peace.

                          "My idea of a shock collar looking better now?" Cait asked.

                          I shook my head slowly, my eyes glued to Angelina. What came next was completely unexpected, even for me and I was the one who did it. I looked at Cait, blinked, allowing a whole new wave of tears free, then turned back to Angelina, leaned in and hugged her.
                          • I was utterly shocked at what Cassie did, she took Angie into her arms and hugged her. I feared she was taking her life into her own hands and when Angie started hitting Cassie's chest and trying to push her away I knew my fears were valid. The only thing I didn't count on was that Cassie holding tight to her. Why would she do that? Angie is beating her, fighting her and she holds tight? That just doesn't mesh in my tiny brain.

                            Just as I am about to break Cassie away from Angie, to protect her after all, Angie gives, she melts and clings to her. When I think I can't be more confused, more shocked Angie continues to surprise me.

                            I sit back, letting them have their moment. Why would I interrupt what looks like progress? Instead I just sit here looking like a freak who can't find something useful to do while the psycho slayer has her breakthrough with a watcher.

                            • "LET ME GO" I cry out as the insane watcher hugs me. Was this woman as nuts as she seemed of did she think her hugs would fix me? I tried to break away, hitting her chest, fighting trying to pull away and she held to me. Why did she care so damn much? Why did Caitlen care? They seem to be a perfect pair, the both of them are absolutely insane.

                              I finally give up, what is the use? I can't bring myself to hurt someone else, to cause someone else pain, no matter how much I wanted to. Instead all I could bring myself to do was sit there, my arms finally wrapped around her and all I could do was sob.

                              I really am not the crying type. I don't sit around and think of ways to better myself and reasons why I am so fucked up, I just am what I am, but yet she brings something out in me, something that terrifies me. I want to find out what is wrong with me. Not only physically, but emotionally. Why am I still sobbing over Robert's death?

                              I should have moved on, I should have found a new boyfriend, forgotten about Robert and how perfect he was and how much I just loved to lay in his arms. How much I loved the fact that no matter how much I messed up he loved me just for me. He was my safe place, my refuge and now he is gone, but I should have moved on. I should be stronger and be the better one for Caitlen, but I can't, I can't seem to move past it all.

                              But all I can do in this moment is cry in the arms of a woman I don't trust, a woman who I should hate almost as much as David. "Why do you Care?" I finally manage to ask. "Why can't you let me self destruct, you know everyone will be happier.
                              • I refused to let go.

                                The pain in my ribs burned; bruised but not broken, I am sure of it. Why they aren't broken I have no idea. It wasn't as if she had been holding back. It wasn't as if, in that moment, she cared what came of me. So, why hadn't it hurt more then it had?

                                I didn't have time to think about it. She had stopped fighting me and now held as tightly to me as I was to her. Her sobs pulled at my heart strings. I would give anything to make her pain go away but I can't. For now all I can do is hug her.

                                "Why do you Care? Why can't you let me self destruct, you know everyone will be happier."

                                I sat back and looked into her puffy eyes. God help me, I don't know! I don't know why I cared so much, I just did! I stared at her and when I knew she was looking at me, really looking back and not through me, I glanced over at Cait.

                                "Not everyone."
                                • "It shouldn't have been him...I should have been the one that thing killed." I finally said as I pulled my knees to my chest and rested my head. "He was innocent..he didn't deserve what David did to h..well ok the demon did to him for David." It was all semantics, it didn't really make a difference who killed him, David still had the blood of an innocent man on his hands.

                                  "You really should give up Cassie." I say using her name for the first time since I had met her. "I am a lost cause." I would have said more, but my sister had to throw her two cents in. I knew that she meant well, and I knew that I didn't want to cause her more pain, but somewhere deep inside none of that made sense, I had given up and nothing mattered anymore, A place I never thought I would ever reach.
                                  • I didn't know what else to do, but I was impressed that she wasn't calling Cassie 'watcher' anymore. There was one thing that I did hope, I hoped that this was her rock bottom and she would finally start to get better. We were thousands of miles from Georgia, we were safe, and we didn't have to worry about David, she needed to move on and quit focusing on the past.

                                    I know it is hard, he was a good man and he shouldn't have died. I am in no way saying she should get over it and forget about what happened, but she does need to live her life. Robert would want her to be happy, he would want her to have everything she ever dreamed of, even if that was without him, he would be watching her. I just hope that she can eventually see that.

                                    "Angie.." I whisper "Do you think this is what he would want for you?" I had to know what she thought he would want, maybe then she would see that she needs to move on.
                                    • "Your not, and I wont." I whispered.

                                      I had nothing else, this was it. If this intervention couldn't save her then what could? Her own sister was sitting beside me, had come to me even, because she couldn't reach her. How in the name of Jesus was I, a complete stranger, supposed to do what her own flesh and blood couldn't.

                                      "Angie.." Cait whisperd "Do you think this is what he would want for you?"

                                      I took Caits hand in mine and squeezed. Not a reprimanding squeeze but a support one. I understood what she was trying to do and all I could do was pray that it worked. Angelina needed help and support but first she needed forgiveness. It was a forgiveness only she could give.

                                      She needed to forgive herself.
                                      • "You should." I said to Cassie. "Really, without Robert I am nothing." She added.

                                        "What about me? Do I not matter at all to you?" Caitlen asked her sister. The sadness could be seen in the younger of the two sisters, like she had already lost a sister she loved so much.

                                        "Cait, you don't need someone like me, you don't need a lost cause for a sister, and it looks like you have someone now that you can depend on." Ok so maybe I am a bit jealous, but its the truth, she had Cassie.

                                        {{ooc Cait and Angie in same tag cause i am la lazy, and Cait is at a loss.))
                                        • An embarrassed smile danced across my lips and I felt a slight flush tickle my cheeks. It was true, from this day forward I planned to be here for Cait as much as I possibly could but, I could never replace her own flesh and blood. Nor would I want to to. Somehow I would have to make Angelina see that. I...we needed her to see that Caitlen needed her now as much as she always did.

                                          "She's not the only one who has someone you know. I'm here for you as well, and she is here for you. You have something very special. Even more special then being the slayer. You have a sister. Take it from someone who doesn't have any siblings...your one very lucky girl."

                                          I knew she was in pain. I knew it wouldn't be an easy crawl out of the depression she had so thoroughly tucked herself away in. But, I wished she would give us something. A small ray of hope to let us know that everything we were saying was somehow sneaking in. More then anything I wished she would smile...a genuine smile. Even if it were just for a moment.
                                          • I sighed. "You don't get it do you? She is safer without me around." I said trying to convince the two to just back off, but it wasn't working.

                                            "Angie, if I cared about safer, I would have ditched you when mom and dad tried to disown you..." Caitlen said an annoyed tone to her voice.

                                            "No you wouldn't have, you are too sweet and innocent for that." I told Caitlen, but I got a look that could only be described as a 'bitch please' look.

                                            "If you really think I am that innocent and sweet you don't know me that well." Caitlen said. "I haven't been sweet and innocent since I was about...6, and even then I wasn't that sweet. So get off your ass, quit your bitching and let one of us help you before I kick your ass just for good measure."

                                            To say I was shocked by the words Caitlen just used would be an understatement, but I think it might have made the point she was trying to make. "Will it shut you two up?" I finally asked curious if this was even worth fighting them over anymore.
                                            • I looked at Cait with wide eyed wonderment. I mean, I assumed she had a little fire in here, she was a slayers sister after all, but that mouth of hers! Good lord. Her parents must have rolled over in their grave after that one.

                                              "Will it shut you two up?"

                                              For now I thought as I shrugged and nodded my head. It wasn't the smile I had wanted. It wasn't the the Hallelujah I had hoped for. It sure as heck wasn't the 'I feel better, thanks you guys, your the best' pat on the back I would have killed for. But, it would have to do.
                                              • "No..It won't." I said annoyed. "What will make me happy is that you start to see what this is doing not only to you but everyone around you." I said as I made Angelina look at me.

                                                "You know as well as I that this isn't what Robert would want for you. He would want you to be happy, to live, to dream..." I ran my hand over her cheek. "To dance." That was said pointedly and Angelina knew it.

                                                "Cassie and I want you to be happy, but that matters less than what he would want for you..." I added and I could see the tears in her eyes.

                                                "You loved him and he loved you, hell he worshiped you, so much so that he died so you could live, so that you can be more than just a machine to kill demons, more than..." I had to look away, my own tears fell as I spoke. "More than a slayer with a destiny to fight evil..."
                                                • Dammit...Caitlen knew what to say and when to say it and it annoyed me. "You are a pain in my ass." I whispered.

                                                  With a deep sigh and once the tears had been brushed away I finally looked to Cassie. "so what do you want me to do?" After all of the talking, part of me forgot honestly what we were fighting about in the first place.
  • Again, all I could do was nod as Cait talked to Angelina. She was absolutely right, I didn't even have to really know them to know she was right. She couldn't go on living like this and I was bloody well sure all the loved ones, not just Robert, would agree.

    "You are a pain in my ass." She whispered to Cait.

    I couldn't help but smile at this. She certainly was indeed, but in the best of ways possible.

    Angelina sighed, wiped away her tears and looked at me.

    "So what do you want me to do?"

    This was it. This was the moment when I became not only her friend but her watcher as well. Well, hopefully. I honestly couldn't see any reason why Mr. Giles would deny me that now. Not after the progress, what little it may be, that I've already made.

    "Well first, I want you to get something to eat. Something healthy, to eat. Cait says you haven't been eating much lately."
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