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Bocca Del Inferno

Three Little Words

Bocca Del Inferno

Bocca Del Inferno, the mouth of hell. An online interactive roleplaying community.

Mature Subject Matter.

Three Little Words

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MD braclets
It was all I could to keep from physically shaking all the time; I’d made a quick exit from the bar. How could I be so stupid flirting with Ambrose, there were so many red flags, and I ignored them. Abandonment wasn’t an issue I dealt with easily, and Clay’s flight on his birthday, felt like abandonment all right, I wasn’t angry, I trusted Clay, and if he just up and left, it was for good reason, he never did anything lightly, well hardly ever. He was just confusing, and his face was ashen.

Maybe there was some anger, what possessed me to go to a bar in the first place, I’ll never know, dad had taught me to be so careful and yet I let my guard down. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I feel like a mouse in some maze, and he’s the one watching me. Could have been those intense eyes? The more we talked, the more I knew he wasn’t human. Okay call me crazy, but he’s just different, even then I didn’t leave, I could blame it on the alcohol, partially it was because of he attraction, and partially because around him, I had this feeling of power, if you’d call it that, frankly I was a bit inebriated, and I don’t remember.

What I do know is he could have hurt me, I allowed myself to get in that place with him, and he didn’t. It wasn’t pity, it was more like a game, but as scary as it is to think, I think we connected on some other level, and that’s what made him hesitate, why are girls drawn to bad boys? And they always want to think that they meant something? That’s where I am, wanting to believe that I got to him. It’s not like many things get to him, by the end of the evening I could tell he was a cold fish, but as he looked at me, there was a deliberation, a conscious decision to kill me, or kill me and change me into something else to be with him. God, I sound insane, and how does one interpret feelings, but that’s what I felt, real or not. Maybe I just wanted to matter to someone.

I’ve had a long time to think about this, develop and discard theories as I lived through my day-to-day without Clay. His silence, his absence an obvious need to deal with his own demons, I’ve been there, but it hurt none-the-less, and his cryptic emails, gave me no clue to what was happening, and for the first time in my life, I began to feel isolated, yes, I began to isolate myself just for self preservation, only going to class.

I’m not sure when I realized I was being followed, it was more of an awareness I guess, a realization, the sound of footsteps behind you, the phone ringing, and when you answer it no one is there. On one of my few outings with friends, I caught Ambrose staring at me across the room, as if to taunt me.

So I ran, packed up and got out of Florida and began traveling North, stopping here and there, and just when I began to feel safe, the overwhelming feeling of being stalked, and terror slow overtaking me like a slow cancer eating one up inside.

I’d wanted to be self-sufficient, to take care of myself, but death followed me and in each town, a series of violent attacks, following me my wake and I felt responsible.

There was only one thing I could think of doing.

Shaking, I picked up my cell and pressed one on my speed dial.

Boston was cold and icy, cheerful signs of the season greeted me in every shop, and street corner, but now they offered no comfort. Like a little child moving up and down as if holding it in because he or she couldn’t find a bathroom, my feet flat, my body shaking as if to will Clay into answering.

Finally, his familiar voice “What’s up homes?” I had to giggle, hearing that it almost melted everything away.

All I could must was three little words, “I’m in trouble,” before the tears started streaming down my face. Thank the goddess he couldn’t see me.
  • We were in London in this quant little Inn. Mom and Mala were sharing a room, mostly because I think Mala doesn't want to leave her alone, which I get but I don't particularly think that coddling my mother is going to do anyone anygood. She's been gathering ingrediants for the spell all day and it'll take all night to prepare and then Mala and I will perform it as the moon rises tomorrow night.

    It's been a strange couple of days. Travelling with my mother, being near my mother after all this time.

    I sent Ash a couple of e-mails in the past few days but she hadn't responded I was starting to get a little worried. I called my friend Jason in Florida to check up on her but he said he hadn't seen her in days.

    So when my phone rang and her number appeared I let out a releaved breath and answered. I was smiling until I heard the sound of her voice through the line.

    I sat up straight.

    "What happened?"
    • What happened? I could hear the concern in his voice, the stress and strain of something else and I was just adding to it. My love for him told me, my heart screamed put him first be the good friend, while my head cautioned me that if I didn’t do something and fast, this might be the last time I talked to him.

      The wind whipped around me, as I looked up hoping to find a safe refuge from the weather. If I told him everything, it would take too long, and he’d probably kick my ass.

      “I lost my edge, I haven’t been careful,” I said simply trying not to be too over dramatic, but yet, not sugar-coat it either. “Someone or something is following me, Clay and for the first time in a long time, I’m afraid.” Then I took a deep breath, “There’s more, everywhere I go, people start dying, I leave and it’s like death is stalking me, yes, I know people die all the time, but these are vicious brutal murders, and they are all the same, would make you believe in vampires.” I wait, knowing he’s going to think I’m crazy, telling me I’m being overdramatic giving me some excuse, but there wasn’t any.

      “Please,” I looked up at the moon, “dear goddess let him believe me.”
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