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Hunger Inside

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Mature Subject Matter.

Hunger Inside

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Hurt, watching them fucking hurt me, as much as I wanted X happy, it meant I was alone, I could do alone, but I was use to him being around following me like a puppy. She was alive, his mate was alive, and yes I rejoiced, but I cursed as well. I’m a monster, selfish, and cruel.

Everything is capable of doing bad things, things they regret. Difference, I didn’t regret the things I did. I killed with such abandon, creatively, cruelly, and usually the mortal men I chose to fuck.

The night was dark, humid and inviting. Millions of smells traveled through my nostrils, teasing them with the virtual smorgasbord of food walking the streets: Chinese, and French cuisine tempting me to snack before my dinner. But I didn’t indulge, watching my figure was all-important since she was in the picture.

Stiletto’s clicking as I walked, I enjoyed the sound, and the memories they brought with them. Memories of carnage, and torture with those wonderful heels, and I had countless pairs of shoes. The appreciate glances only fuelled my hunger. It had been awhile and I was ravenous.

Entering the posh restaurant, I scanned the room for a possible victim, as I slid into my seat with anticipation, ready to sate my growing hunger for something more than just food.
  • It turns out that I was offered a nice new position with some shady characters to say the least, but who am I to complain? I'm alive...well in a sense I'm alive, I'm breathing and walking around on Earth. The Powers that Be pulled me back, turns out they like the way I run things. I'm their go to guy, I should find it more disturbing, since they also banished me to hell for God knows how long, but the fact that I'm not there now is all I need. I will get them back, but for now...I can play along with their games. I can fit into their idea of this cookie cutter bad guy and move up in the ranks and then bring them down. It’s not something that’s new to me.

    After the talk and getting a new place, clothes, and a car I looked around. I still found it hard to believe that only a few days ago I was in hell being tortured and now I’m close to running my very own evil empire. A few jobs and I’m already in the good graces of the people that matter. It’s easy for me to kill people now, before I had problems—it might be because part of my soul is still in hell, but I think it’s the pent up anger and rage that just makes it so easy for me to kill people. I mean when people scream and beg for mercy, it just makes me hurt them that much more. It’s a weakness…I think it might be because I was more disgusted that I had once done that—and it made me angry so I took it out on them.

    The reason I’m moving so fast…I get results. People have been trying to do what I do for years, and I can do it in a night, I still have some really good connections, granted it took some weird favors and jobs to get back in this place. I wouldn’t change it for the world. The fact that I have power…it’s intoxicating… I only want more of it.

    It was getting late and I was hungry—I called Vanessa into my office and fucked her quickly before going home. The amazing thing about secretaries…they’re always ready to go. The minute she says no though, her ass is going to be unemployed. It’s as easy as that, there are enough girls around here that want the job.

    I looked in the mirror and readjusted my suit and tie before walking out of the office and down the street to one of the nicer restaurants in town. People waited weeks for a table at the restaurant…me? I just showed up and got a table. That might have to do with the fact that the restaurant is a front for human trafficking and I manage to bring some really good clients to the owner, but that’s besides the point entirely.

    “Hello Mr. McDonald, right this way.” The hostess said as she grabbed a menu and walked through the restaurant. My eyes stopped and I gazed at the gorgeous woman who was also looking at a menu. I gave her an appreciative look over before taking my seat on the other side of the room, behind her. From my vantage point I could still see her, but she would have to turn around to look at me. That would be obvious—she didn’t strike me as the kind of woman to look behind her. I didn’t have much to worry about.

    I ordered a glass of wine and then looked over the menu and ordered filet mignon medium rare. I drank my wine and continued to check the woman out. Her curves were amazing and her dress accentuated every single body part. I called the waitress back over and had the best bottle of wine delivered to her table. “Don’t tell her who it’s from, just say that someone was noticing her.” He instructed.

    “Yes sir.” The waitress said as she went into the kitchen to get the bottle.

    Lindsey knew better than to take credit for ordering the drink. This woman was too high class for such an easy move like that, but he would remember to stop by more often to see when she was around. Or to have the hostess call when this mystery woman would come into the restaurant.
    • I’ve always enjoyed dining alone, the lustful looks, then choosing someone that I’d find my pleasure and then eventually eviscerate in the manner I felt most appealing at the time. But tonight I was still seething with anger, at least until the bottle of wine appeared, a Chteau Le Pin Pomerol.

      As the waiter opened the bottle, his thick accent describing the wines attributes, with two fingers, I held the glass by the stem, breathing it in, what a delicious scent. I wondered if he knew I adored the delicate melding of currant, black cherry and mocha, or if this were just a lucky guess on his part.

      And my admirer wanted to remain anonymous, my lips curled into a delicious smile, and I requested a second glass. I knew he was watching but then so were half a dozen other men, I could almost feel each pair of eyes upon me. This one would be more fun than the others, and if he were lucky, I wouldn’t kill him quite so horribly.

      Ordering another glass, I poured the dark liquid. I took a sip out of the second glass, leaving a trace of my lipstick.

      “Tell the gentleman, if he’d like to taste me for real, to join me,” I directed the waiter. I didn’t make a move to see where he took the glass, I didn’t care, and my admirer would either join me or not. Either way, I’d find someone to sate my appetite.

      • She’s fucking around with me, that’s why she’s taking her time with her wine and her meal, she knows damn well that every male in this restaurant has his eyes on her, and the fact that some of the females do too, they’re jealous that they can’t be like her, and jealous that they can’t have her.

        I’ll be damned if I fall for that game. I just think she’d be a good fuck. Although a few of the most gorgeous people I know—well the sex was less than desirable, describing them as a dry fish may be giving them too much credit, but for some reason. I doubt that would be the case with this one, the way she moved…she oozed sexy. Sexy was a derogatory word…sure, but in her case, it described her, she didn’t seem like the innocent girl next door type, she was downright sexy. Everyone here wanted to bed her. I was certainly no exception.

        The waiter returned and told me about what the young woman had said. I liked her game, she was elusive—made it that much more interesting. I simply nodded and told the waiter to keep her glass full constantly.

        I watched as she drank a few more glasses before getting up and putting my napkin on my chair and walking towards her, but I stopped and turned towards the bathroom when I saw an older man approaching her table. I couldn’t help but chuckle…if she went for him, she was clearly not in it for the sex but rather for the money—not someone I want. I want someone for the amazing mind-blowing sex.

        When I returned from the bathroom I went back to my seat and ate my appetizer in piece, occasionally glancing over in the direction of the young woman, she had managed to lose the old man and was still enjoying her wine.

        I finished my appetizer and then wiped my mouth before getting up to walk towards her again. “I’m Lindsey McDonald—and I’ve been buying you drinks all night.” I said as I extended my hand to her.

        If all else failed and I didn’t get this woman tonight, there was always the next time she came to dinner….if there’s one thing I am…it’s persistent.
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