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Can You Fuckin' Hear Me Now?

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Can You Fuckin' Hear Me Now?

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Hush - two faces
The thought of plastering a warning label to my forehead occurred more than once to me, yeah can we say contents under pressure? Watch what you wish for, isn’t that what they say? That was all I could come up with, some fucking wish stone.

Couldn’t have made it the last few days without my girl, K’. B’ was all MIA, I was trying to be the good slayer, cover all the bases, but B’ wouldn’t pick her up phone, yeah B’ being all, ‘I’m having my own crisis right now, leave a message girl,’ I’d had it with that stitch.

Picking up the phone, I pressed the speed dial for the millionth time, on the other end, I heard her bouncy voice, and this time, I left a message all right.

“I didn’t want to leave a message, didn’t think you’d believe me but since you won’t return even MY fuckin’ calls, I have no choice. Angel is alive. Can you hear me now? A. L. I.V.E.”

Throwing the phone on the cell on the bed, I stripped off my clothes as I walked to the bathroom, hand on the faucets, I turned the water on as hot as I could stand it. I hadn’t been this mad at B’ for a long time, and in my gut, I knew something really bad had to be going on for her to totally avoid us, or else she was dead, and that well I had to slay that thought.

Anger welled up in me, why couldn’t she tell me what was going on with her, and then it hit me.

“Fuck, she found Spike,” I said aloud. That had to be it. She was in LA, he was back and she ran in to him. Hot water streamed down my sore muscles, I’d been avoiding everyone if I could, well since I came clean with Giles and my secret was out and the wannabes were with the freak-age. With B’ gone, the girls naturally looked to me as their leader, and right now, it was more than I could handle, I felt numb inside, and things, if she were indeed with Spike, were just going to be, yeah an apocalypse waiting to happen, cause what if Spike was all fang tooth, that would explain why Angel thought B’ was evil.

And I’d wanted to be smart, to figure things out, look what it got me, I was gonna have to slay my best friend. Grabbing the bottle I squirted the contents of the bottle on my head. “Fuck,” I yelled, as I rinsed out the conditioner, then made sure I had the shampoo. Turning it over in my hand, I read the back of the bottle.

Shampoo, rinse, and repeat. Try as I could, my shampoo wouldn’t lather. “Great, fuckin’ great,” I threw the shampoo against the mirror, and bottle shattering. Of course I would get shampoo that wouldn’t lather. Everything in my world had changed and I didn’t even recognize the world I’d made for myself.

Crumpling down in a heap in the tub, all I could think of was shampoo, rinse and repeat, repeat, repeat. At my door there was a rapping, but I didn’t hear it, I was lost in thought.
I’m not sure when my insides began to grow cold. Was it when I punched Wesley, thinking he was a demon? Or finding Fred was back and having to tell him. Running into Lindsey, which with his hotness and other circumstances wouldn’t have been such a bad thing.

Was it Dian telling me she loved me, and she’d made a bargain with some demon to come back to me? Or was it finding Angel, and seeing the look in his eyes, when he found out B’ wasn’t here, and she could possibly be evil?

Somewhere in all of that, I began to change, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I know I was different when I went to see Giles.

His door was shut, I’d rapped on his door much as someone was doing on mine, maybe that’s what made me remember, I hadn’t given it another thought since that day. The room filling with hot steam, water enticing my muscles to relax to get lost in the memory.

“Yo, Giles,” I called when he didn’t answer, as I cracked the door open, sticking my head in, this was unlike him, I’d made an appointment, which was unlike me. Maybe the return of my Watchers sent him to some alternate universe.

[Open to Giles and possibly Kennedy]
  • I was in no condition to hear such news. It was appalling and something that I should have taken with a measure of anger, but honestly, my immune system was too busy working on this illness for me to muster any adrenaline.

    My heart barely skipped a beat, even with her attempt at wit when pointing the gun made of fingers and knuckles at my head. It truly could be disastrous, and yet, I just wanted to sit down, tell her to go handle it, and sleep.

    Alas, though, I knew that I couldn't do that. It behooved me and was in fact a requisite that I make myself available for any situation whether terse or banal.

    “not sure how I’d handle Mayor Wilkins, I’ll just have to deal, I guess. Anyone could be back G-man, that’s the scary part.”

    Finally, something sparked within me and I didn't feel as sick.



    Jenny could be back. Now, it was of the utmost improtance to me to try to find out what was going on in this matter.

    “you don’t look so good there, G-man, should you see a doc, we don’t need you with the sickness. Think it might be related, your being sick and all?”

    All I could think of was seeing Jenny again. I hardly recognized her words.

    "Oh, I've seen a doctor already. Your standard flu, although I've been sick long enough where I believe it could be mononucleosis..."

    I didn't want Faith to leave, now, though my last remark was likely to and did make her take a few steps backward. Jenny could be alive and we needed answers. Buffy was who knows where so naturally, I turned to Faith as the muscle in the equation, if it was necessary.
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