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Bocca Del Inferno

there's a piece of me in every single second of every single day

Bocca Del Inferno

Bocca Del Inferno, the mouth of hell. An online interactive roleplaying community.

Mature Subject Matter.

there's a piece of me in every single second of every single day

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My world was turned on its axis a month ago. My sister showed up in the middle of our village, naked, cold and confused. My sister died nearly eight years ago at the hands of a monster, a monster that had once been a man, he was also once a demon with a soul. A singular being amoung us all. Her neck was snapped, the coldest death, her body placed in the bed of her lover. Those were the things I was allowed to know when we buried her in the fields where we used to play.

I called my nephew, her son, the one she abandoned when she left this life and the rest of us behind. Funny how she left us all and yet kept the duty our clan convinced her was hers to carry out.

To watch a soul suffer.

I am still angry with my sister but this woman isn't the same woman who left. She can't imagine ever leaving a child she bore. She can't imagine leaving Borsa for a life she can't remember.

Clay came back days after my call, the one that ruined his birthday. My heart was heavy with the decision to tell him about Janna but I couldn't keep it from him. He deserved to know that his mother was alive again, that some dark magics had been implored to bring her back to this earth. He desereved to know her just as she deserved to know him.

I raised Clay as though he were my own. I suppose I could have lied and told him he was in fact my child. It's what I was told I should do but I still had an idealistic idea about my sister and I couldn't deny my nephew stories of the woman she'd been before she left us. She was an amazing woman, a gifted witch, on the path to take over grandmother's place but she left and she left him - us. And I was given that path instead, once my mother had left the earth Clay and I were free to return to Borsa. My mother wanted the power she thought my nephew had and I couldn't let that happen.

Now we're in London. Janna is resting and I'm trying to put the finishing touches on the spell that will hopefully lead us to some answers about where she's been or how to retrieve her memory. I'm not sure England was meant in the sense of the country but it was the only lead that we had and Clay insisted that we work from here. I can't really deny Clay anything in this. He's trying so hard to be accepting of Janna and not let the bitterness that permeated his being over the years seep into the relationship he's trying to build with her.

He wants answers, that much I do know.
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