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Bocca Del Inferno

What's that sound, you're so loud, I'm heading for a breakdown

Bocca Del Inferno

Bocca Del Inferno, the mouth of hell. An online interactive roleplaying community.

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What's that sound, you're so loud, I'm heading for a breakdown

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The next few weeks I spent trying to recover from the shock of suddenly being ripped out of hell for a second time and dropped back into the life that I'd once known. Only this time I didn't fall back to where I'd been killed like the first time I'd been brought back. I was back at the beginning, back in Ireland. It was strange being back here, but the woman who took me in and not to mention Lilly made it easier. I was the one who needed taking care of, but I felt strangely protective over Mary so I stayed with her for several more days after Lilly offered to take me back to the hotel where she was staying.

I knew I couldn't stay indefinately, so once I knew I was feeling better I thanked her for letting me stay with her and for bringing me back to her place the first time then I left. The last thing she needed was a vampire who'd just come back from hell lounging out on her couch for any longer. So, I went back with Lilly. It was the easier choice anyway considering Mary didn't know what I was and that serving me pancakes and bacon weren't going to get my strength back.

Doyle's sister. Not only was she his sister, but she had the visions. Visions of events that happened during my lifetime. I felt connected to her in a way I didn't really understand, but then again didn't question. I was grateful for the connection to this world because without it I probably wouldn't have been able to get used to this life as easily. Buffy had been there the first time and now I had Lilly, the sister of my once best friend. Buffy. I thought about her often, but sometimes wouldn't let myself. The wondering and all the questions I had, but had no way of getting any answers. Was she alive? Still working with the newly formed Watchers' Council? There was no way to get in contact with her or anyone else and I had no idea what that meant for me. Why was I here? All of my past friends were dead and I had no idea about Buffy and the others. Lilly had the visions just like Doyle had, so was that the only reason I'd been brought back? To help her like I had him?

The question about Buffy was answered soon enough after a few weeks when Lilly had another vision. There were no wounds from the vision this time, but when she told me what she saw I didn't believe her at first. She described a blonde, powerful, and doing dark magics. It had to be someone else though right? Buffy wouldn't.. she couldn't be evil. There was a part of me that just was grateful I knew she was alive. I knew where she was now, but.. evil. We had to find her.

It was easy enough to get an overnight flight from Ireland to England. I'd been to London in my past and always had hated it. Now I hated it for the reasons we were going. Buffy was evil. I'd already made up my mind that I wouldn't kill her, but we had to find her. I had to see her. Once we arrived in London, I was able to get a listing for her and realized that Buffy wasn't the only one here. No, everyone was here. Faith, Buffy, Willow, Dawn, everyone.

I might've been out of practice, but finding my way into a building undetected wasn't hard to pick back up on again. There was security at the front gates, so walking through the front door and demanding I see Buffy wasn't an option. We made our way around back and soon enough, we reached the side of the house and slipped in through an open window. I could hear voices, but there was a strong pull coming from one of the rooms down the hallway. Keeping Lilly behind me, we walked quietly then suddenly a brunette came out of a room and with that familiar waltz came walking towards us. Holy fuck.

  • Faith I knew he was there before I heard him, not that I was particularly surprised. I looked up the heavens with a, ‘what the fuck?’ glance. I’d thought Dian, was the last, but I was wrong again. The silent stars looked down at me and I could swear they had a ‘whatever’ twinkle, but I was being all over dramatic, kinda like a certain blonde slayer I knew.

    Someone was with him, and at first I thought it was B’, but she would be walking beside him, not behind him. I racked my brain trying to remember everyone from LA, and I couldn’t remember any blondes. Maybe he brought someone else back from … from where. Fuck was it Tara? How could I explain this one to Red?

    With as much as I’d seen, this was so fucking surreal, that I put my hand on his chest as if to see if he were really there.

    “Angel?” I responded, and then dropped my hand and practically jumped on him hugging him, looking at the small blonde, not someone I’d met.

    “Your not the only one whose back,” I began, nodding at the young girl standing behind him, I couldn’t imagine the hell he must have been in, but if Wes were in hell, Angel had to have been as well. This was just great, B’ was MIA and here was Angel and Giles well… it wasn’t going to be a pretty site.
    • It had been a long trip, not so much in the length of time it took but more with the emotional sense. I was actually glad I couldn't get a solid read off Angel, cause if he was in as much turmoil as showed on his face then it would have surely made me sick. The risidual feelings were enough with him, I don't think I could handle getting them full force.

      He was freaked out about the woman I saw in my vision. He called her Buffy and getting past the halarity of that name it was more the way he said it and the few things he told me about her. Again, so very glad that I couldn't get a read off him. Being an empath sucks sometimes.

      When we got to the estate I saw in my vision we couldn't really just head up to the gaurd and demand to see this Buffy chick. I was a little worried about seeing her anyway because if she was the woman in my vision she was a little hardcore and scary. The feelings I got off her were just cold and evil and wrong - but at least there weren't any pyhsical manefestations.

      It was a huge place and once we were inside I kind of hid behind Angel, it wasn't hard I was small he ... well wasn't and then he saw someone he recognized and she hugged the shit out of him. Okay, so that's good.

      Faith. Right. He told me a few things about her.

      Now her? I could get a read off of and she was freaked the fuck out. Not so much by Angel's sudden appearance, that actually didn't seem to shock her all that much.

      "What does that mean?" I ask, after moving from the protective spot behind Angel.

      She gave me a look like 'who the fuck are you', "I'm Lilliana, Long story. What did you mean? He's not the only one whose back? People are popping up from the hereafter?"

      That was news and a little crazy and thank god I hadn't been sent to find more people.
      • Faith touched my chest and I couldn't do anything but stare down at her hand. She said my name and it forced me to look at her again. It was a simple gesture, but after being trapped in a room in hell with no familiar face touching you but the demons you see time and time again, it made everything so much more real. Then in an un-Faith like manner she was throwing her arms around me and hugging me tight. I put my arms around her after a beat and closed my eyes. Fuck, how long had it been since I'd seen her?

        Pulling away, I frowned at what she said next. There were others? Who? Where were they? I'd come here about Buffy, but now she was telling me that I wasn't the only one who'd come back from the dead. Again.

        Lilly introduced herself, but mostly I was just staring at Faith trying to get a read on what was going on. It wasn't working. "Faith, what are you talking about? Who's back? Where are they?"

        I wanted to ask where Buffy was, but the truth was I didn't sense her here. Other slayers, yes, but not her. Then there was the small part where I had to tell Faith she was... evil. Was Faith evil too? She didn't act it now.
        • “Any friend of Angel’s is a friend of mine, nice to meet ya Lilly, I’m Faith.” Giving her a cautionary smile, not knowing if she really friend or foe, and if she’d come back with him from whatever hell dimension. I had to work hard to keep the tears threatening to escape, I was already risking ruining my rep, so crying, wouldn’t be with the good.

          “Dian, my first Watcher,” she’s here on the estate, “Wes, I stashed in one of our safe houses, he’s not with seeing Giles, Fred and Lindsey are somewhere, could be others, every few days some one else appears, at first I thought the connection was with you, but you didn’t know Dian, so that theory is off. Neither she nor Lindsey were ever in SunnyD,” I shrugged know of any prophecies that bring the dead back? “Nothings in the news, so it’s not happening all over, has to be attached to the slayers, at least that’s my thought.
          • She was seriouly all over the place. A little much for me at the moment but I'd gotten pretty used to not having to tap down my power because of Angel that I'd been leaving myself wide open. That was really not going to work in a place where a shit load of slayers resided. If I didn't get this under control I'd be on the otherside of crazy in a couple of hours.

            "Yeah, I know. I mean, he told me about you," I said a little cautiously. She was gaurded and not all that trusting. But she wasn't trying to kill me so that was a plus.

            At least there was a good thing about being half Brachen, I didn't look like a demon.

            "Wait, so people you know from your past that are dead are turning up randomly? Sounds like some really dark magic to me," I said glancing at Angel.

            Like the kind of magic I'd seen the blonde doing in my vision. I really didn't want this woman to be evil, Angel obviously cared about her. That didn't really seem like the option to shoot for.
            • Wait, what? I just stared at Faith when she said that there were others who were back. Wes, Fred, her first watcher, and... Lindsey. Okay, so Lindsey being alive was a little.. nevermind. Blinking, I stared blankly at Faith then turned to look at Lilly.

              Right. Dark magic. Buffy.

              I shook my head. "They're alive. All of them?" Buffy had never even met Fred or Lindsey. Or Faith's watcher. If she was the one doing this, what was the connection? The last time I saw all three of them popped into my mind as I thought about what this meant. Fred was alive. Not Illyria, but Fred. How? Wesley.. fuck. And Lindsey.

              "Faith," I started and looked at her seriously. "There's another reason.." Sighing, I nodded at Lilly. "She had a vision. That's how we knew where to find you. It was Buffy. She was doing magic or something, but whatever it was.. it was dark." Evil? Buffy couldn't be evil. Right?
              • Faith, There’s another reason…, he began then nodded at Lilly. She had a vision. That's how we knew where to find you. It was Buffy. She was doing magic or something, but whatever it was… it was dark.

                Listening, I leaned my head to the left and then to the right hearing the familiar crack, I wanted to seem casual, and not let him know, I’d suspected she’d gotten with Spike, he was all vamped out and now so was she. No reason to worry him until I knew for sure.

                “Nah, she’s not with the dark, at least not when she left, think I’d feel it if she were. Her not answerin’ my phone, that’s just evil. Your girlfriend still knows how to fuckin’ press my buttons.” I tried to be casual, I didn’t want to worry him, I’d seen his dreams before, so I could only imagine the hell dimension he must have been in, and my heart broke for him, still I had to yank his chain.

                “When did you eat drink last?” He was looking a little lean. “We’ve got our own blood supply here, for transfusions and for the friendly vampire that drops by.”
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